About us

The bizzybods story so far......

Once upon a time there was a mum at home, Mandy, with her two little munchkins.  Having given up her job to be a stay at home mum, she realised that there weren’t any local shops selling lovely wooden toys or clothing for her bambinos. A lightbulb moment...Mandy decided that when her bambinos had turned into kiddiwinks, and were happily skipping to school, she would open a shop!

In June 2005 bizzybods was born at 16 Hospital Street, Nantwich.....hooray cried the local mums, dads, grandparents and bambinos, lot of lovely toys and clothes!  Since then Mandy and her friendly team of bods have been very bizzy making sure that they always have lots of new and exciting goodies in store to keep their customers happy and satisfied.

People travelled from far and wide with lots of lovely compliments about the shop and its friendly team, ‘ah bizzybods what a lovely shop this is!’ People asked, ‘ can we shop online?’ So here we are nearly ten years later, team bod has gone from strength to strength.  The little bambinos who skipped to school are now full sized people who drag themselves to school and sixth form.....and www.bizzybods.co.uk is born.

Our mission is simple, to make sure that we offer and deliver to our lovely customers, quality and good value clothes, toys, gifts and useful things with efficient and friendly customer service.  

Our vision is to continue to keep evolving with our customers, finding new and exciting products to share.

We’re a positive, passionate and friendly little team here at bizzybods, always aiming to make your experience with us a good and happy one.